Aesthetic dental filling is to obtain a more natural and aesthetic smile design by using the composite material on the teeth and the filling material with the color of the person’s tooth. The composite filling is halogen-cured and chemically bonded to the tooth.

The main goal is that the fillings are in the form of natural teeth in shape and color, the filling boundaries are not clear, and the person cannot distinguish the filling from his own tooth and it is preferred by our patients.

Deformation does not occur in aesthetic fillings and no gap or leakage occurs in the fillings with routine oral care. The care of your aesthetic fillings are made, their polishes are renewed and they are made to last much longer at your 6-month check-ups. In short, the life of the filling is related to the oral care of the person.

You can get information about aesthetic tooth filling and plan an effective treatment process by meeting with your doctor in our clinic.

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    Dr. Mete ToptaşHe was born in 1984 in Izmir. After graduating from Ankara Atatürk High School, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2007 as a dentist. The year he graduated, he was accepted to Ankara University Health Sciences Institute Periodontology USA and completed his doctorate in 2013.
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